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About Ark and Dove Designs

Ark and Dove Designs is owned and operated by Krisann Robles and was formally established in 2004. Krisann has been designing award-winning websites since 1998 and creating graphic designs & desktop publishing since 1996. Krisann is completely self-taught in the art of website design and does all coding by hand to ensure the best possible design.

Krisann has been sewing and crafting since 1981. In 2003, Krisann's mother, Judy, introduced her to machine embroidery. Judy opened her authorized Singer® & Baby Lock® shop, Attic Treasures, in 2004. Krisann designed and set up the website for Attic Treasures. In 2007, Krisann and Judy opened a new online store called

In 2007, Krisann was also given software to learn to digitize embroidery designs. She started with Embroidery Magic II and Fancyworks but has recently graduated to Masterworks II. She is very detail oriented and strives to make the best digitized design possible, minimizing jumps and layering designs as realistically as possible. While she does most of the design testing herself, she does occasionally utilize outside testers.

Krisann has been married to Cris since 1991. She is the mother of seven children all of whom have been or are being home educated. John was born in 1986. He is in the Army, recently returned from Iraq. He is married to Nikki and they are expecting their first baby in June 2008. Elizabeth was born in 1988 and has two children, Auston 2 and Travis 1. Emily was born in 1992, Kate in 1993, Julia in 1994, Sam in 2003, and Jack in 2005.

If you guessed her life is pretty hectic, you're right, lol. But she enjoys ALMOST every minute of it. Those days when the two and five year old smear paint all over the bedroom are not quite as enjoyable as the rest. Though looking back later it usually brings out a smile. ;-)

If you have any questions or comments, please send her an email:

Have a blessed day! Thanks for stopping by.

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